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American Khichdi by Sunil Lala is a lively commentary on Indian and American cultures. This superbly written, succinct, and often wildly funny collection of essays examines non-resident Indians’ sense of isolation and their desire to assimilate, as well as the peculiarities of their Indian and American compatriots. With the keen eye of a social commentator, the author boldly addresses and carefully dissects a wide range of issues confronting contemporary Indians.

Addressing uncomfortable truths with the passion of a true believer and the logic of an intensely analytical mind, this hard to put down collection of magnificent and, thankfully, cliché free essays is truly khichdi—a wonderful hodgepodge of feelings, a dizzying jumble of beliefs, and a fascinating assortment of contrasting ideas. Bold and heartfelt, this anthology examines topics as varied as the two cultures themselves – from Hindi movies to baseball, from the frustrations of Indian schooling to the maddening medical system, from Americans’ proclivity to exaggerate to Indians’ habit of copying everything Western, and from the hilarious Indian penchant for Toyotas to the emotionally wrenching thought of dying in a foreign land.